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Jeannette Bradley

The Keyboardist (Gifted Hands) (Limited Edition) (2023)

The Keyboardist (Gifted Hands) (Limited Edition) (2023)

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The Keyboardist (Limited Edition-250), subtitled "Gifted Hands," is inspired by one of the world’s legendary jazz pianists, Art Tatum (1909 - 1956), a legally blind prodigy who taught himself music by memorizing piano rolls and playing what he heard on the radio. Tatum’s most well-known performance is probably “Tea for Two.” Considered one of the most technically sophisticated pianists of any genre, his music was a fusion of classical training and the outer reaches of jazz - "the sound of the modern, industrial world," according to Peter Watrous, New York Times in 1990.

Tatum’s legacy can still be felt today, paving the way for other contemporary sight-impaired pianists/keyboardists such as Steve Wonder and Ray Charles.

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